Google Photos Backup Is No Longer Free: How To Backup & Check Uploaded Google Photos in 30 seconds

Google Photos backup warning message

Learn how to use Google Photos backup, check uploaded Google Photos and make sure that your photos are secure. Google Photos is one of the most popular photo services out there. Since launching in 2015, usage has skyrocketed thanks to its competitive free tier pricing. With Google now removing this free tier, people are starting to wonder whether Google Photos is going away and whether their photos will keep being backed up and uploaded Google Photos will be deleted.

Below are some of the most asked questions about Google Photos backup.

Is Google Photos backup going away?

Google Photos isn’t going away on June 1 2021, but it is changing quite radically. Up until now, users have been able to enjoy unlimited uploaded Google Photos, but this free tier will be ending. Beyond June, users will have just 15GB of storage to use, which they must also include all their Google Drive files and Gmail emails too.

If you are looking to avoid these charges, we’d recommend checking out a free alternative, such as Phostow.

How to backup Google Photos

To backup Google Photos, follow these quick steps:
1. Download Google Photos to your device
2. Open the app and connect your Google account
3. Check your uploaded Google Photos photos are backing up by following our guide below!

How to check uploaded Google Photos

To check uploaded Google Photos have backed up correctly, follow these steps:
1. Open Google Photos on your device
2. Tap your account profile photo
3. Tap Back up & sync
4. Check your settings, including:
– Ensure that ‘Back up & sync’ is on
– Make sure that you know when Google Photos backs up your photos and videos. You can choose to use Google Photos backup over mobile data
– If you want to see photos and videos from other apps and/or devices in your Google Photos account, ensure that you turn on your available device folders
– Ensure that you back up your photos and videos to your Google account

How to find backed up photos on Google

You can find backed up photos by downloading the Google Photos app for iOS or Android. You can also visit the web app to see uploaded Google Photos.

Does Google Photos automatically backup?

Google Photos backup should happen automatically once you’ve added the app to your device and logged in with your Google Account. If it isn’t backing up, don’t forget that from June 2021, you only are limited to just your Google Drive photo storage space. If you have run out of space, we’d recommend trying out a free alternative such as Phostow or saving the photos to your own hard drive.

How to backup photos to Google Drive

To backup photos to Google Drive, you can continue to use Google Photos backup in the normal way as from June 2021, all Google Photos will be automatically backed up to Google Drive and will as a result count as part of your Google Drive storage.